Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back Up to Birth Weight?

Don't worry. Nick's hands were just out of the frame. H was not going anywhere.

We needed to weight H to make sure he was eating enough. I'm going to take him to a proper baby scale later this week, but for now the kitchen scale worked fine. He was born at 8 lb 15 oz. Here the scale reads 9 lb 6 oz. I later weighed the outfit, hat and diaper, which came to a grand total of 6.5 oz, so I think we're pretty safe to say he's back up to birth weight.
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Sara said...

Oh my goodness, he's so cute.

My baby is almost 8lbs, at 7 weeks old. Our boys can be total BFF's.

sarah said...

You guys are so scientific - I love it!

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Doesn't Henry have the sweetest look on his face! Love, Toots