Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sister Kira Archer: Sister Missionary Portraits

I got to take pictures of my cousin Kira as she prepared to leave for her LDS mission to Alaska.  She'll serve for 18 months in "The Last Frontier."  While I know her family will miss her, I have never met anyone so excited to serve a mission. Kira has exuded enthusiasm whenever she talked about preparing for her mission.  Her mom commented on Facebook after leaving Kira at the Missionary Training Center that she knew Kira was "Finally living her dream."

Good luck to Kira while she is on her mission.  She will be in our prayers.

It was such a rare treat for me to have a beautiful, cooperative model that can hold still when told to.

This cat was stalking us while we took her pictures.
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sarah said...

The lighting your pictures is always so good.