Monday, July 30, 2012

We Know How to [ruin a] Party

Last week was the annual residency party, and our kids were specifically invited.  It was hosted by an attending in his beautiful home.  If you are thinking that beautiful homes and small children don't really go together, you are right.
On the way there, I realized I hadn't brought Gigi a bottle, so we stopped and bought some milk at a 7-Eleven, where I witnessed shoplifting that the clerk did nothing about.
Once there, I had to ask for a straw so Gigi could easily drink the milk, and the hosts graciously did.  When she got tired of the milk, Georgia hit the cup out of my hands and milk splattered onto the floor.
Henry was busy trying to hurt himself on their hammock, but he did pause long enough to pee his pants right by the back door, next to the grill.
The best part was probably that Nick told me it was a pool party.  It wasn't.  We were all dressed very casually and had a giant back of pool stuff with us.  I'm just glad I didn't go in my swimsuit and that we left the pool noodles at home.

Another upside of thinking you are going to a pool party, but instead being at a pool-less party was that once Henry had his accident, he was able to change into swim trunks instead of running around Naked.

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KevandChels said...

Oh man, we've had these experiences! I feel for you! One time we went to a super fancy house and there was a gorgeous pool. We didn't think anyone else would be swimming so we didn't bring swimsuits. Noone else was swimming, but our kids ended up in the pool regardless of the no swimsuit thing. Kids can be so innovative!