Friday, July 20, 2012

Smitten From the Start

Today marks nine years since Nick and I had our first date.  For unknown reasons, I've always remembered that we met June 29, and went on our first date July 19, 2003.  Today I thought it would be fun to dig out my old journals, untouched for years, and see what I wrote.  I knew I was actively journaling during that period, and knew I would probably laugh at what I wrote.

". . . . . I've met someone who I've become inexplicably enamored with.  I started talking with him Sunday nights at ward prayer several weeks ago.  Within about five minutes of talking to him, I knew I liked him.  After a couple weeks of these chats, I really like him, and after going out with him on Saturday, I find that I'm far more swept away in it than I'm comfortable with.
          His name is Nicholas.  He's a pre-med student majoring in German and works for UPS.  He's very smart, funny, nice, says "Nice!" a lot, and is apparently very handy with tools.  . . .  . . . .He seems to get all my stupid, obscure references. . . . . .He invited me to do something with him next Saturday night.  I just don't want to wait that long before I see or talk to him.  Call me crazy- I deserve it- I barely met this guy."

So, yes, it is a bit much for a guy I'd only been on one date with.  But I guess I can't call call 22-year-old me too crazy.  She was right about everything.  I don't think I gush over Nick in public too much, but I love him more now than ever.  I'm amazed at how fast nine years together has passed by.  And he is very handy with tools, a skill I continue to benefit from.  Remember Brenda's advice, and marry someone who can sheet rock.


Iuliana said...

how sweet:)

Brian said...

Awwww. I seem to remember that I was there on that fabled June 29th when the two of you talked for the first time at ward prayer. Nick is a great guy and I'm glad you snagged him.

Wendy said...

So cute and prefect for each other! :-)

Bryan Mulholland said...

I remember you telling me about him that summer. You were whipped from the start, indeed :).

sarah said...