Saturday, July 9, 2011

Urban Wildlife

Henry, Georgia, and I went to a missionary's open house tonight.  Henry had a lot of fun running around with bigger boys in the backyard.  When we went inside, I was a little anxious that he was going to break something.  Georgia stayed in her car seat for awhile.  When she fussed, a member of the ward graciously held her for me, while I continued to chase Henry around.  I should have brought the monkey leash.

I was talking to someone who asked me if Georgia was difficult.  I described her very pleasant personality and explained that Henry was actually the harder one to care for right now.  Being two-and-a-half is a very dangerous time in his life.  He can climb up anything, open nearly everything, but has absolutely no judgment.  The man's reply was a perfect summary of Henry, "so it's kind of like living with a raccoon."

Does he need a rabies shot?


Jo Ellen/Toots said...


Jo Ellen/Toots said...

P.S. I love the title of this blog!

sarah said...

There is a certain someone I could picture saying that. Does he have a British accent by-chance?

And instead of a shot, perhaps he just needs a lolipop - RIGHT NOW!!!

KevandChels said...

ha! what a clever and accurate description!