Wednesday, March 9, 2011

St Louis Party Time

It was serendipity when we were in St. Louis, that not only were they having the most beautiful spring weather, but that there was a birthday party to attend. There were three Lindell babies born at the beginning of March '09, and their moms had organized a party at the park for a joint celebration. It was great for a few reasons: 1) The aforementioned weather, 2) The park itself is fully gated so kids can't escape and it has great play equipment, 3) Those cupcakes! I don't like frosting, but I NEED the recipe for the blue cupcake icing. I think it was meringue based, and it was wonderful. 4)Most importantly, the people. I got to see a lot of church friends. There's no way I could have individually visited each of these beautiful women in more short visit to STL, so it was perfect that they had gathered themselves together. I got to meet a couple new babies, see some growing baby bellies, and get some updates on the old ward and neighborhood. Loved it!
Happy birthday O, C, and A! None of whom are the child crying in the above picture.
Henry loved this playground. He played hard for nearly two hours, and when we left I had to drag him away kicking and screaming. This Chicago weather has kept him caged too long. He wouldn't even slow down for a cupcake and juice.
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