Monday, March 14, 2011


Is getting your first happy meal a milestone? While in St Louis, Henry had his first. I bought it because the toy included was a car, and all the other kids on the playground had one. I gave in to peer pressure.

I was at McDonald's to visit with Tammy and her cute kids. Ronald and some soft-serve ice cream were just delightful bonuses.
Good luck on match day this week!
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Brian said...

Did you go to the big Mississippi River steamboat McDonald's in St. Louis? I remember going there with my dad when I was a teenager and it was depressing because it was so huge and there were only a half dozen customers on it. I wonder if it's still around...

The sight of Ronald McDonald reminded me of this article I saw the other day:

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Apparently Henry thought he had to take his socks off to have his picture taken with Ronald. Before I enlarged the photo, I thought Ronald was a real person and not a statue--perhaps a statue is less frightening. Love, Toots

Behrmans said...

It was AWESOME seeing you!!! And so much fun to catch up. Hugs!

Kara said...

I visited the McDonald's you speak of in 1995, and maybe again a few years later, but it was gone by the time we moved to St Louis.

Toots- socks were required on the playground, but Henry chose to flaunt that rule for a moment.

It was so fun! I only wish we had more time, but there's never enough. Your kids are so adorable and nice. Henry gave the doll M gave him to M.L., so it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Brey Hillary and Baby Leila said...

I recently went through old photos- and I found one of me dressed up- in sunday best- and with 7 close friends (age 5 or 6) and I was having a birthday party at mcdonalds. It was such a luxury back then.