Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twenty Years Later

There are not many things I have from when I was ten-years-old. And there's certainly nothing useful from that era of my life still around- except for my sewing kit. When I was in fourth grade, Jo Ellen took me on Saturday mornings to the Button House School of Sewing. It was in the teacher's basement in Salt Lake. I think I remember her saying that her last name meant "button house" in German, if that gives anyone trying to track her down clues. I only stuck with it for a few months because my dad took us skiing on Saturday mornings in the winter. The irony is I now have absolutely no desire to ski, and wish I could sew much better than my poor skills allow. The first project you had to complete was to make a bag, which you would use to store your subsequent projects in. Next I made some horribly constructed "unit" clothing because I was so jealous of Michelle Sutton's outfits. The neck of the shirt I made was so wide, I had to wear a shirt under it. I think the pants were even worse.

When I started lessons, Jo Ellen bought me everything I would need. Going down our supply list, we needed a pin cushion. Jo Ellen recommended this red magnetic one. It was $8. That seemed like an exorbitant amount to spend on a pin cushion, so I was hesitant (even though Jo Ellen was paying). But that was the pin cushion I ended up with, and have used for twenty years. Until last week, it looked almost new. Then I dropped it on the hard floor. I almost cried, but then snapped the bottom back on, and realized it would still be great- it just now has a little crack in it. I hope it will last another twenty.

The pin cushion is sitting on top of the secret to keeping the same pin cushion for twenty years- a Caboodles organizer. I think Jo Ellen bought that to keep my supplies in, and it has worked. I think I'm still using the same pins and seam measurer as she bought me all those years ago.

Now that I think about it- one other thing I have from when I was ten. Jennie Ashworth and I bought nearly identical Caboodles (from Shopko I think). I have kept make-up in it ever since I was old enough to own make-up. Even though it's black and neon pink, I'll never replace it- the old ones are so much better than the ones they sell today.

The little girls (as Jennie and I referred to Katie and Kristy back then) wanted ones so badly, they talked our generous grandpa into taking them to Shopko and buying them each one. Mine was pink on top and black on the bottom, and Katie's is identical but black on top and pink on the bottom. Not like she was trying to copy me or anything.

Thank you Toots, and thank you Grandpa.

P.S.- you can now get a cheap knock-off of this pin cushion at Walmart. I bought one for my mom, and while it may be adequate, it's not as good as this one (even with a crack in it.)
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Jo Ellen/Toots said...

What a nice walk down Memory Lane. I think your dad would have a saying about the pin cushion--something about pay once for the best and cry only once. Love, Toots