Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Party Moocher

Henry following Don, begging for brownies.

Get a load of this little moocher.

We had Nick's cohort over for a barbecue (minus the one that was on call). It was one part party and four parts team meeting. When they were still in orientation we all went out to dinner, but the restaurant was the loudest I'd ever been to, so we couldn't really talk much.

When the guests arrived, Henry immediately attached himself to Don and followed him around and begged for his food. Don (an intern's spouse) was easily manipulated by Henry, and ate dinner with Henry on his lap while giving him bites of hamburger and pasta.

We got a patio set at Aldi. It is made in China and its quality matches the expectation that brings. However, it looks good and providing it doesn't collapse when someone sits on it, I think it will be fine. We only got to use it for about fifteen minutes because shortly after we sat down to eat it started raining. We quickly moved things inside and the party continued.
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