Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playgroup: Fail

Our ward here is not consistent about holding playgroup, but they did have it last Friday, so we went. Our ward is very spread out, geographically, so there's going to be a considerable drive to attend any activities. It took a long time to get ready. We went to the store and bought snacks, sunscreen, and swim diapers. I put Henry into his swim outfit, which effectively covers about 80% of his body, put on the swim diaper and lots of sunscreen. I thought he would love the splash pad since he loved the flooded sidewalk so much.

His outfit is not that ridiculous. But that's only because he won't wear the hat and sunglasses I want him to. His sun protection isn't up to snuff without those accessories.

He was not so fond of it. He played with it for a minute. It was cute how he tried to grab the water. But after the variable height of the fountain surprised him in the face once, he was done with it. The kid does not really like to get wet, and he certainly doesn't want to get his head wet. He spent the rest of the time playing with the $0.99 beach ball I threw in the cart when I bought the swim diapers, or crying because other kids were playing with it.

When we got him dressed, his shirt was a little wet, but his shorts were still totally dry.
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