Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Boring Life

There has been very little blogging because there has been very little action around here.  For one thing, we're in a quiet little neighborhood where things are generally clean and well-maintained.  This means there's very little in the alley to report on, and nothing weird is happening for me to tell you about.  Our next door neighbors just moved in before we did, but on a whole the neighborhood is very stable.

Our backyard neighbors, Paul and Paula, mentioned that the couple in the corner house hadn't lived there very long, "just a few years."  Turns out "a few years" is something like fifteen years, so we know we're going to be the new guy around here for a long time.

My home improvement projects are stalled.  The repairs that need to take place are beyond my skill-level (because I have no skills) so I need to wait until Nick has time (which may never happen.)  I'm going to paint the living room, but I can't pick a color.  The current color is a badly executed green decorative sponge finish we inherited from the previous owners.

Nick is quite busy with his internship.  He is gone long before sunrise, and certainly a long time before I'm out of bed.  He gets home about 7:30 (when he's not on call), eats, studies for about an hour, then goes to sleep.  Repeat again and again, except that sometimes he's on call.  Those days he leaves here about 5:00 AM and works until about 11:00 AM the following day.  After about 30 hours of working, he's pretty tired and sleeps the rest of the day.

All the shopping I could even want is very close to us, which is very different than in St Louis.  There are two ALDI grocery stores within a mile on either side of us.  There's an entire mall, a shopping center, and a strip mall within a half-mile.  The Target and Home Depot are 1.5 miles away.  So here I can just run to the store and it's not a big deal.  In St. Louis, I would wait until we REALLY needed something, then I would drive out to the county and go to several different stores while we were out.  You had to marathon shop to make it worth the effort of getting to the stores.

Henry has definitely entered a new stage of development.  In this stage, there is a lot of screaming (him screaming at me) and he's being mean to the dog.  I'm frustrated by both of these things and am feeling a little lost in regards to parenting. 


Displaced Californian said...

Kiernan's entered the screaming stage too. He's also started hitting us when we tell him not to do something. I'm feeling a little lost too, if that makes you feel any better.

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Enjoy your boring life. Non-boring times will come, and you may look back fondly on these boring times. Love, Toots

Kaveh and Summer said...

Kara- Don't worry about the screaming it will last a little bit then he will get past it. Kayan use to hit me all of the time. Now he never does. Honestly just tell him no give him a timeout and ignore it. Seriously my little boy is so good now. I was so worried about it but its just a stage. Just enjoy it and laugh!!!!

Darla said...

feeling lost in regards to parenting won't get any easier. Things that work for one may not work for another. When I was childless I used to sit and say my child will never do that. Ya right. Parenting isn't easy but it sure can be fun most of the time.
hugs and kiss from grandpa and

Janette said...

Two aldis? I'm so jealous... I miss the chicken pot pies.