Friday, June 18, 2010

The Moving Saga Continues

The afternoon before we packed up the truck, Henry and I went to say goodbye to our beloved botanical gardens. It's one of the many things we'll miss about St. Louis.
My cousins (referred to as Aunt Patti and Uncle Stanley) came over to say goodbye. It's been so nice having them so close- they lived just two blocks away. Patti always made sure we had a place to go on holidays, and is the gold standard of being a great hostess.
We had asked our church friends for help loading up the truck Saturday morning at 10:00. At 10:20, only my faithful friend Natalie was there and I was feeling a little unloved. I knew everyone had a lot going on that day, but I had hoped a few people would come. By 10:25, the cavalry arrived and several men and women whisked our belongings (in an orderly fashion) into the truck in just under an hour. Since most of our friends also have small children, this meant several babies came along for the move. Patti ran a nursery in Henry's room to take care of the kids to free up their parents and it worked beautifully.
We had to say goodbye to our apartment just before we drove away. We really enjoyed our time there, and now we have friends moving into it so we know it will be in good hands. Moments before we left, we realized that there were a bunch of shoes in my closet. How do you forget to pack something that obvious?
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sarah said...

Seeing this most pulls up my feelings of our moving day about a year ago. STL truly is a lovely place. I suppose its those lovely people that live there, such as your Aunt Patti.

Patti said...

Have to admit that as I was driving home from work today I remembered that you said you would be home on Friday and thought good I haven't seen her in a while, .... then I remembered that this isn't home any more. Sure miss you guys. Still can't believe how fast 4 years went.

Kev and Chels said...

who's moving in to your place? stl will always be a special place to us, won't it?