Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Storm of the Century

Last Wednesday, we had a storm unlike anything I've been through before. The heavens open suddenly water was gushing from the sky. The rain drops weren't little cute dollops of water, but rather skinless water balloons. Our street was flooded over the curb and onto the lawn. You could see the "shoreline" of the peak of the storm afterwards, as a line of stick debris on the lawn.

The thunder and lightning were VERY close. We think that several trees in the neighborhood took direct hits. The power lines just a block to the north of us were struck. The lines were laying across the road (which is a busy road, similar to highway 89 in Bountiful) and the road remained closed for almost 24 hours. We were without power just shy of 24 hours. It wasn't bad at all- the weather was cool so we didn't miss the air conditioning, and we had great LED flashlights.

The most inconvenient thing was our phones needed to be charged. On Thursday morning when my phone was dead, I went with Henry to McDonald's, and we enjoyed a drink while I charged my phone using their outlet.
We did not go outside until the storm was gone. We did not want to get struck by lightning, or have the baby drown. The waters began to recede quite quickly, but the street was flooded to some degree for a while. As cars would go by, they created a wake and you could see the wave come most the way onto the lawn. My first thought was, "Where do these people need to go so badly?"

Henry loved running down the water-covered sidewalk. We let him run back and forth on the walkway leading to our door when it was just barely covered with water. He probably did it twenty times, and would have done it more if we had let him.
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