Thursday, January 7, 2010

It Could Be Much Worse

Last night it snowed four or five inches.  Then in got even colder.  The high was seventeen and it was windy.  Nick was scheduled to be in Virginia by this afternoon for the interview dinner tonight, and the actual interviews tomorrow.  Yesterday morning Southwest called to notify us they had cancelled his flight.  So, we booked a ticket on another flight.  A few hours later, they called and canceled that one too.  So, we booked again, with Nick headed to Florida in order to get to Virginia.  About 4:00 AM today,  Southwest called and canceled that one too.

Nick's last alternative was to book another flight that got him there at 9:00 tonight.  He'd be too late for the dinner, but make the actual interview tomorrow.  The good news is that's what has happened.  After a full day of worrying it would get canceled too, he boarded the plane.  He is now in Virginia.

When I pulled into the drop-off lane at the airport, and employee knocked on my window to tell me my tire was flat.  Nick had to get going, so after a quick inspection it was decided I would limp to the nearest gas station, and then to a tire shop.  I went slowly, but everyone was driving slowly because of the snow and ice so that worked nicely.

After getting the tire back up to pressure, I drove to the tire shop about 100 yards from Janette's house.  Firestone fixed the flat and changed my oil while I spent some quality time with friends.  In this barely double-digit weather, it could have been so much worse.

And does anyone know where the spell check icon is on the new blogger screen????


sarah said...

When it rains it pours, or something like that. I'm glad that if your tire had to be fixed, it could limp all the way to Janette's house and everyone is safe and snug. Hope things are much less exciting for you guys.

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

St. Louis weather has been in the news. I'm sorry you had to be out in it. I'm glad Nick made it to Virginia. Let us know how it went. Love, Toots

Kev and Chels said...

Shoot! That sounds crazy. I'm glad you were able to make it to where you were so close to Janette's house! I wish I had known Nick was going to VA, he could have stayed with my parents. Hopefully you guys didn't have to spend too much on a hotel.