Monday, January 11, 2010

Food Poisoning

You will be relieved to know this post will contain no pictures.

I was sick Saturday and Sunday, with the most likely culprit being food-borne illness.  The almost-medical professional I consulted (Nicholas), agreed that all my symptoms were consistent with a common type of food poisoning. 

I was sick on the couch all day Saturday, trying to take good enough care of Henry and the dog that they would both be alive and well when Nick got home Saturday night.  Thank goodness that Henry has learned to play with toys!  I mostly watched him play with his drum, little house, and ball-spinning toy for most the day.  When I had to change a messy diaper, I thought it almost killed me.  The good news is twenty-four hours after the onset of illness, I was feeling pretty good.  So me, the baby, and the dog all survived the incident and are back to normal.

My mom doesn't really believe in food poisoning.  Most people will experience food bourne illness many times in their lives.  Much of it will not be diagnosed as such.  Hepatitis A is going to be pretty obvious though.  I recommend the vaccination for that one. 

My mom thinks that unless you are as sick as she was in Gallup, New Mexico in the late seventies, throwing up in a crappy motel wishing you were dead, you can't possibly have food poisoning.  I think she still hates New Mexico a little over the incident.  She blames the gravy.


Kate Smith said...

Food poisoning is violent. It's not like, oh, I have a tummy ache. It's like, wow! I actually have some stomach muscles!
The last time I experienced this was when we pulled into our driveway and I jumped out for the car and then wretched my guts out on the front lawn in front of the neighborhood. It was violent. And Tim did hold my hair back for me which was very nice.

Kara said...

That's an example where you're certain because it's so clearly food borne illness.

However, it can be mild flu-like symptoms.

Saturday, my symptoms were closer to your experience.

sarah said...

Sad. I thought Gallup was such a nice little town.