Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We're Back, and a Little Sad

H did not like the ocean. At all. In fact, I think he felt betrayed. He's not sad to end vacation, but I could have stayed a little longer.

We're back to the mainland, the cold weather, and the reality of responsibilities (sort of). Having a baby on a red-eye flight was not ideal, but he slept most the way. One of us had to be awake to hold him, so we all needed some more sleep once we landed. The was a coughing baby that was sometimes a screaming baby, and I was just so glad that wasn't us.

Nick got a little sunburned, which is a little ironic. Part of his med-school experience has been to educate teenagers on the danger of the sun. I think he did it just so he'd have a tan to prove he went somewhere.

We'll be spending Christmas with our extended family.
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