Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pure Michigan

This trip has been great so far. We made it here in good time, despite
waking up two hours later than we meant to. The trip was a very windy
one, but the roads were essentially dry with specks of snow blowing

Henry spent the evening with the lovely Jessica Allen, friend of Brian
Tanner. She said there was some crying when he woke up from his nap
(I'm guessing that went on for a while) but he was overall a happy
little guy.

When we came back, he was smiling and giggling and playing with bells.
He had no interest in the fact his parents had returned. When I sat
down he crawled over to me, but it turns out he was really just
interested in the banjo I was next to.
I'm relieved to know this process can go so well. We should get out
more often. This was the first time Nick and I had been together
wihout the baby and it did feel a little odd. We were almost to the
dinner when I realized the baby was NOT in the back seat and it made
me just a little sad.

We may alter our return trip due to weather. At the end of October we
drove home into the night and that was fine, but now I think we need
to plan things for daylight hours.


Doug said...

There is wisdom in your plan. Good weather and good luck. DRS

sarah said...

Glad you guys got to go out for a bit and that Henry could charm the socks off someone else for the evening. Also glad you're rethinking the drive through the night. Midwest winters, though beautiful, can be tricky.