Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Madness is Over? Not Quite

Ruth's wedding was Friday. We're now down to "only" six house guests at my mom's, not including Henry and myself. (I don't count us, because we're here often enough it's like a second home.) I think the peak for one night was eleven, but there were at least thirteen different people who spent the night here at some point in the last week.

I'm still vacuuming up beads from the wedding dress and finding the occasional pin on the floor, so don't walk around bare-foot.

Henry is not getting any floor time because there are always roving dogs and people who are happy to hold him. We're still trying to figure out when and how we're getting to San Diego and Michigan.

Nick has several residency invitations, but all for general surgery so far. Plastic generally interviews later in the cycle. No matter when you interview, everyone still has to wait for match day in March to find out where they're going.
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Natalie said...

i cant even imagine how exciting it'll be to get that first interview invite! i mean, i know general surgery isn't what he's looking at - but still - that must be an incredible feeling for you guys! henry must be so proud of his dad!

and im beginning to think you're never gonna return to stl...