Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bridal Highlights

I took my cousin Ruth's bridal portraits at the state capitol building today. The above picture is a highlight from that photo session. Doesn't it make sense that in order to take your boys on a tour of the newly renovated capitol, you would need them to have 32 ounces of Hawaiian Punch from Crown Burger? Oh, and then let them wander around without any direct adult supervision.

I can't post pictures of the bride- it might spoil the surprise for the groom. Not only has the groom not seen the dress, the finishing touches were being put on it moments before we left to have pictures taken. Marsha has put in a lot of time on the dress, with the final push being most of the last two days.

The capitol building requires a $10 application fee to take pictures inside the capitol. The fee wasn't the problem, but attempting to pay it was a huge headache. I didn't want to tell them it was a bargain compared to the Botanical Garden's fee of $150.
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Jo Ellen/Toots said...

$10 does seem a bargain compared to $150. But it would be fun to see some Botanical bridals. Love, Toots

Jessica said...

Are you back in Utah again? Lunch next week?