Sunday, September 6, 2009

Prisoner of Love

Inmate #24601

This outfit is really just one piece, but now that I actually see it on him, I think it looks like a prison jumpsuit. It's as if you married the black and white stripes of yore with today's modern orange flair. This baby's got a life sentence.

Nick starts his burn ICU clerkship in the morning. Brigham did this one last month, so we know going in how time intensive it will be. I'm not really looking forward to how much he'll be gone, but at least he'll be in the same state.

This last week, Nick turned in his residency application. So we're one huge step closer to "match day" in March, where we'll discover our destiny for the next five to eight years. I'm praying that he'll get lots of invitations for interviews. One thing I found out by reading his resume was a paper he wrote this Spring was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. He forgot to mention it to me.

Part of the residency application is submitting a photo of yourself. I was planning an elaborate on-site photo shoot, contemplating which outfit he should wear, and worrying about it in general as I so often do. Nick read the guidelines, decided his passport-photo fit the criteria, scanned it in and was done.

Speaking of prisoners, I heard of a property crime in the St. Louis area where an arrest was actually made! A brand new med student family from rural Utah moved into the "Mormon ghetto" in Kirkwood. (The "Mormon Ghetto" is the nickname for a development where a lot of Mormon med students and residents live. It's actually quite nice and has a great location.) Their first week there, while they were sleeping, someone broke into their townhouse, stole their stuff (including their car keys) and drove away in their car. They didn't recover their personal property, but did get the car back (a real rarity) after the criminals abandoned it rather than fixing the tire they blew out. It's a real blessing they got it back, but it's terrible to pay the tow/impound fee and for a new tire when you left it safely parked in front of your house. An arrest was made, but I believe an accomplice is still at large. The burglar had just been released from jail after just 9 days of a 40 day sentence.

Welcome to St. Louis!
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simplysarah said...

Hilarious, as always. Love your updates!

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Henry has such a beautiful smile! And he looks like he's sitting up pretty well--unless your hand is behind the gray background, grabbing him from the back. Love, Toots

Natalie said...

you gotta love StL, right??? i dont care if he looks like a prisoner - i think he's adorable.

Angelavon said...

i love how hubbies forget to tell you those important little details that wives want to know about! man, that is a rough welcoming to st. louis. it makes me feel lucky that we haven't had any problems here in our neck of the ghetto. *knock on wood*

Janette said...

I'm glad you're finally writing in your blog again... Sheesh.

sarah said...

St Louis is a crazy place. I miss it.

Rosie said...

TWO, FOUR SIX, OH, ONE, I hope he doesn't grow up to steal a loaf of bread so that he can eat. That would be a bummer.

Kara said...

Rose commented on the Les Miserable reference. #24601 is Jean Val Jean's prisoner number.

The title, Prisoner of Love, is a reference to the Producers. When they're in jail at the end, they're producing Prisoner of Love, the Musical.

Doug said...

Make that Jean Hal Jean. I got the 24601 connection when I saw it. When UDOT was using me for a practice dummy, I thought I would number a truck 24601.