Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cute Baby A

We're in Utah and working hard to visit people that we've missed on recent trips. This is my cousin's baby, A, and he gives Henry a run for his money in the cutest baby competition. We had dinner at Kate's house tonight my cousin Taylor and his wife Mai, as well as Tim's high school friends.

Tim has a friend who married a women from China who is Hmong (an ethnic minority of China that is also found in bordering nations.) It took nearly two years to get her a visa to come to the US. During that time, Tim's friend was in her 60-person village in the middle of nowhere doing subsistence farming. He was literally out in the rice paddie working, or hiking up a mountain to harvest bamboo. I imagine that it was quite a lifestyle change for her to go from living in rural China to the Avenues of Salt Lake City.

We ate the first red tomato out of Kate's garden. So, that makes it about $2,000 a pound so far. I think she'll eventually end up with a bumper crop, they'll just all turn red on the same day.
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