Monday, August 17, 2009

Lunch with Jessica

We just went to lunch with my sisters and Jessica Sims. We tried a new
waffle place by Pioneer Park. This waffle needed whipped cream.

It's always fun to see Jessica. The best seminary class ever was my
senior year of high school. The class included Brian Tanner, Jessica,
her now husband Josh, and me. Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey became a
comedic staple of my life at this time.

I had lunch with Jessica recently at Sawadee, a Thai restaurant on South Temple I like. I ordered the special after just glancing at the description written on the wall. When my food came, it was spicy, which I was not expecting. A few more bites and the heat had really built up. I squinted to read the bottom line of the dishes description. Oh, it has jalapenos. No wonder it was hot.


sarah said...

I agree with you on the whipped cream.

opticwalrus said...

Meeeeemories, all alone in the moooooonlight....

simplysarah said...

or at least nutella.