Monday, September 5, 2011

2 Month Photos by Holly Hyde

Georgia at Two Months Old

Henry's wasn't exactly cooperative for this, as you might guess from his expression.
While I was in Utah, I took Georgia for her "newborn" pictures (she was two months old at the time).  They were done by Holly Hyde Photography.  It was a very good experience, although I wish Henry had been a bit more co-operative (but Holly is Great with kids,) and wish that Georgia hadn't thrown up on every outfit she was put in thirty seconds after we put it on.  Georgia went through a lot of clothes during the session, not because I was seeking variety, but because she constantly throws up and the clothes were visibly wet and messy.

I printed 4x6's at Costco and the came back looking dark with high contrast.  It took me a second to figure it out, but the problem is I had ordered from the kiosk at the store and didn't turn off the "Auto Color Correct."  Normally I order from home, and have the color correct turned off.  If you have professional pictures you're printing, turn Color Correct off, because the photographer has already fine-tuned them and has the color as it's supposed to be.  All an automatic setting can do in that situation is mess it up.  With the color correct off, they look great, and now I have them on my wall.


Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Darling photos--especially the one of Georgia. When do I get my Costco copies of the photos?

sarah said...

They are fabulous photographs! And I'm impressed they are already hanging on your wall!!!

Iuliana said...

these are great! Cutest kids ever and beautiful mama!

oHB said...

Henry looks cooperative in the second pic... You have the genes Kara... beautiful babies!

Behrmans said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable!!! I saw a picture that someone had posted of you recently on fb and it gave me warm fuzzy feelings. I miss you! Hugs!