Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday Bash, Several Times Over

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At the end of March, we traveled to Utah and Colorado for Nick's vacation time. In addition to getting near adequate amounts of sleep for the first time in months, Nick was able to spend a day skiing, go see a couple movies, and see lots of family. We were also traveling for Henry's birthday, so we turned it into a traveling birthday party. We had birthday candles and cake at each of his grandparents house. His favorite part was the noisemakers that unroll when you blow on them. He now knows how to blow out a candle.

For his actual birthday, he spent much of the day strapped into his car seat driving from Utah to Southwest Colorado to visit Nick's grandpa Buddy. (Henry's middle name is after this grandpa.) We did get him ice cream in Moab to celebrate. It was a bit reminiscent of his first birthday, when he spent all day in his car seat, first driving around Chicago neighborhoods looking at houses and then making our way back to St. Louis. But once we arrived in Colorado, we made up for the drive by having fun on an awesome playground and visiting Nick's aunt Reba.

Our family was very generous with presents. He loves the cars, trains, balls, and puzzles he received.
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