Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Day with Liz

We started out at the zoo. The penguin habitat was STILL closed, but they had a couple of penguins outside. We loved the large animals, such as the very impressive rhino. We also payed to pet the manta rays. Loved it. I had to talk Liz into going to Manta Ray Bay (as they call it), but in the end I had to drag her away from it. It was too much fun to leave.

After the zoo, we went through the near by Saint Louis Museum of Art. We had to see Sadak Searching for the Waters of Oblivion, Degas' Young Dancer, and their Lichtenstein piece, "The Curtain." I have heard from more than one person that the museum is not kind to those who bring small children. Fortunately Henry fell asleep in his stroller walking to the museum from the zoo, so he slept through the whole thing and we didn't get any dirty looks for wheeling him around the museum.

We then picked up Nick and headed to Kimmswick, Missouri- the tiny town now filled completely with antique and red hat stores. It seems to be a grandmother's paradise. We went to eat at the Blue Owl. It was great, and we have pastries from the Blue Owl waiting for us in the kitchen. We just have to wait until we have room in our stomachs. We're still too full from lunch.
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