Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spelling is Important

I took this picture the last time I went to the St Louis version of the DMV, which is actually run by AAA.  This is how not to spell Tiffany.
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Liz said...

You are so great.

Brey, Hillary, Leila & Lydia said...

Wow. Did I ever tell you that one of the social workers I worked only ever said anything to a mom who was naming her baby-it was going to be pronounced VA-gee-NA... yea, she was just going to put down 'Vagina' as the name.

sally said...

When Sarah had Jimmy at Missouri Baptist Hospital the names of the babies were posted on the room doors. No kidding, one name was


Kara said...

It is an odd name for a modern baby, but at least Thisbe is an actual name. Maybe her parents were experts in Greek classical literature or just really like Ovid or Shakespeare. Not nearly as bad the legendary "Marco," pronounced "demarco," because "The D is invisible."

The Lunts said...

Wow! That beats Brytni (Brittany) as the worst spelling ever.