Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fire Station Tour, or House of Horrors

Part of the tour scared him, but he was all smiles when it came to the fire truck.

Our playgroup toured a local fire station last month.  As much as Henry loves fire trucks and red hats, it was not all fun.  Part of the tour is they show a fireman in full protective gear to acclimate children to the appearance of a rescuer.  Henry was terrified.  The fireman became a sort of brown version of Darth Vader in all his gear.  Henry would not go near him.  He hid behind me.  He made me pick him up and hold him.
The firemen stressed the importance of family fire drills, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers.  But with this age they said the really important thing is to teach them not to hide from fire fighters in an emergency.  Henry was too frightened for that message to really sink in, so we will have to go back for another tour in a few months.
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