Friday, May 4, 2012

Henry's 3-year-old Interview


How old are you? I'm free [3], not two.
What is your favorite animal? It's goats.  My favorite animal is goats, and the animal show is closed.
What's your favorite thing to eat?  Not cookies either.  I eat some food.  It was a hamburger.  You remember that mama?  It was a huge hamburger I bite.  It snapped like this (hand actions.)
What's your least favorite thing to eat?  [intelligible remarks] editor's note: he picked the pickles of that hamburger, so probably pickles.
What is your favorite thing to do?  I don't know.  Something is cool.  Get grandma.  It was grandma and grandpa.
What is your favorite TV show? Cars, cartoons, and lighting McQueen.
What are really good at? I am trains.  I am big boy trains.

What is your favorite toy?  This road scraper [hold up the hot wheels vehicle is is holding.]

What's your favorite fruit? Nanas

What's your favorite outfit to wear? I wear clothes. Not your clothes.

What's your favorite song? Trains.  My trains songs about me, Henry.

What's your favorite book? Trains.  My favorite book is Stop Trains, is Thomas [Stop, Train, Stop!]

Who is your best friend? My best friend is Gigi.  [mother tears up]

What's your favorite thing to drink? Water and Milk [apple juice]

What to you want to be when your grow up?  Bigger and bigger, I grow up.

What work do you want to do when you grow up? I go to work like daddy's work. [I advise against surgery as a career.]

What's daddy's job?  Daddy's job is at work.  My dad is not at home.

What do you like about our house? Toys

What is you name? N-E-R-Y and a H.

What's your full name? I don't know.


sarah davies said...

I love it!!! So cute.

Brian said...

My nephew Gideon's favorite animal at 3 was goats as well, but he pronounced "goats" as "ghost."

I showed this to Amy and she thought it was great too. I then praised you for your ability to talk about your kids on your blog in a non-annoying way. It never turns into a "chronicle of being a mommy" blog - you talk about them, but we get the sense that you still have your own life and voice, etc. Well done.

sarah said...

I love it! Happy Birthday NERYH

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Great idea. I hope you'll conduct an annual interview with Henry.