Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Henry wouldn't wear his Thomas the Tank Engine costume, but he wore a Thomas Shirt, a Thomas Hoodie, and a Thomas hat, so people still got the point. GG wore her skeleton oufit and a cute pumpkin hat from Aunt Megan. We went trick-or-treating with Dallas and the boys. At one point, both of my kids were asleep. I love walking around a neighborhood as parents visit with friends and neighbors and kids are running around excited about their loot.

Highlights of trick-or-treating include the family that gave out cans of Diet Coke and watching Dallas walk around in his Storm Trooper Costume. Low points include Henry reaching his breaking point before falling asleep, and realizing I've lost the key to my brother's car.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My friend Natalie was here for a 48-hour visit, which made for an awesome birthday. We took our kids to the zoo this morning, grabbed lunch (Portillo's for the adults, chicken nuggets for the kids), and then she had to head back to Toledo. I left for the zoo before Nick was home from work (a 27 hour shift), so when I returned I discovered his quickly made sign, roses, and a promise for a birthday celebration later. The bottom of the sign says "Celebration to follow . . . date undetermined."

Tonight we had a very low-key dinner, and because I didn't want to make a cake, we used a cinnamon roll from yesterday's visit to IKEA as the birthday cake. I realized after I blew out the candles I hadn't made a wish, but that's OK, because I pretty much have everything I've ever wished for: Nicholas, Henry, and Georgia. It's been a wonderful year.
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