Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Happened Here?

Very sorry to tell you kid, this basket is a little out of your reach.
I'm pretty sure that's mud on your bottom, which is a relief.
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Behrmans said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Iuliana Blakely said...

This is cute and funny. But seriously, how do you say that to your child? Or do you at all? I come from a culture where there isn't much cheering for success, let alone for failures. Here in the US, children hear "Good job" even when they didn't do a good job. I do remember always craving encouragement and always found it weird that adults would point out the failures motivating that that was how children will learn about reality. So which is the right way? Or should there be a middle ground? My first instinct is to cheer them on and especially now that I have a baby of my own, I think that everything that she does is pretty amazing, when really she only had a toot or something.

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

The basket may be out of reach, but Henry has great form. And you always get kudos for trying. Love, Toots