Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Special Visitors

For graduation, we've had some VIP's come to St. Louis. Debbie (Nick's mom), Jo Ellen (my aunt), and Doug and Linette (my parents) were in town for the monumental event. It rained most of the time they were here, but we still managed to have a good time. Highlights included the St. Louis Museum of Art, The Blue Owl Restaurant, Pappy's Barbecue, and Ted Drewe's.
Jo Ellen was the only one who hadn't been to the Botanical Garden before. Just the two of us went, and I made her get the mandatory "sheep" picture. It was the kind of weather where you need an umbrella and sunglasses at the same time.

The funniest part of the visit was the 1992 Honda with one working door. We had too many people for our 4-door car, so my dad and Nick would follow behind in the Honda. Nick has worked on the passenger door, but still can't get it to open. Everywhere we went, including graduation, Nick rolled down the window and climbed in or out of the car. My mom drove Nick to pick up take-out, and when he rolled down the window and climbed out, patio diners were staring. My mom yelled at them, "He's a Doctor!"

Nick would like it on the permanent record, that when he left his medical school graduation, he did so in an eighteen-year-old car through the passenger door window. That way when our teenagers complain about driving a used car, we can say, "Back in my day . . . "
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Kev and Chels said...

back in your day is right. love it. congrats on the big graduation!